9 Effective Weight Loss And Fat Burning Exercises – Achieve Your Dream Body Today

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Imagine this: You’re having a hearty meal at a shopping mall. Behind you is a gym where you see people religiously working out. You can’t help but feel a tinge of despair as you stare at your food and wonder when was the last time you worked out.

That said, it’s never too late to begin your workout regime.

Some people believe that weight lifting burns calories while others are committed to cardio as the most effective calorie burner. With these varying theories, it is important to determine what works.

Determining The Best Approach To Working Out

effective weight loss and fat burning exercises to lose weight sing business mag

It is true that running burns more calories in comparison to weight lifting, for example.

However, anaerobic or weight-based workouts are essential for keeping the calorie burning effect going after exercise.

The prolonged effect of weight training is attributed to the level of intensity of the workout.

This leads to more oxygen being required by the body after a workout to repair muscles and recover.

Selecting exercises that boost this type of effect will yield better results in the long run. The tissue within the body that is most active metabolically is muscle and having more muscle means that calories can be burnt more effectively throughout the day.

Effective Exercises

There are various exercise moves that are well known for encouraging weight loss and fat burning. The more a person weighs, the higher the calories they are likely to burn while performing certain tasks. However, several other factors need to be considered as well.

1. Kettlebell Swing

effective weight loss and fat burning exercises to lose weight sing business mag

Kettlebells provide an effective weight loss strategy, since they involve the whole body.

They are also low impact while maintaining a high level of intensity, which is suitable for calorie burning.

The workout typically consists of:

  • Standing with the feet wider than the width of the hip
  • Grasping the kettlebell by using both hands
  • Engage your core and squat slightly
  • Hips are pressed forward while standing and swinging the kettlebell in an upward motion
  • After lowering the arms, the slight squat resumes for one rep.

2. Body Weight Workout

A body weight exercise activates the muscles and gets the heart pumping. With an increase of muscle mass, more calories are burned.

This includes when a person is not working out.

This type of exercise consists of:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Bending and touching the knee
  • Getting into the plank position

3. Jump Rope

As an activity that is not restricted to school gyms and playgrounds, jump rope is a complete body toner that is ideal for weight loss.

Individuals can challenge themselves to a minute of jumping.

The length of the jump rope can be checked by holding it in the hands and making sure the handles align with the shoulders.

While the rope may appear to be a basic piece of gym equipment, it gives the body a full workout along with immense potential for fat burning. After mastering the basics of jumping rope, there are numerous jump rope workouts and moves that people can try.

4. Squats

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Squats continue to be valued as some of the top exercises for aiding weight loss.

Doing them correctly ensures that the core and whole lower body are engaged. It is essential for an even pace to be maintained while rising back to the standing position.

If you’re up for it, you can even try squatting with barbell weights to increase the intensity of the workout.

5. Lunges

Lunges are high-intensity workouts that burn a lot of calories and are guaranteed to get people sweating.

The workout typically consists of:

  • Starting with the feet together and hands on the hips, people step forward with the right leg.
  • Bending until a 90-degree angle is achieved before jumping up and switching the legs to complete with the left leg while lunging forward.
  • The lunges should be repeated with sides being switched for one minute.

6. Burpees

The workout targets the legs, chest and core simultaneously and effectively.

While feeling the burn during this type of exercise, it is clear that a lot of lean muscle is being built. This is a complete body workout that is considered to be a major form of fat-busting exercise.

7. Strength Training

With as much as 504 calories being burnt each hour, people can increase the afterburn effect by working their muscles to the point of exhaustion.

Strength training involves focusing on compound movements for the purpose of including more groups of muscles. This is a good workout for stronger abs.

8. Kickboxing

From kicking it in a class or alone, kickboxing is a guaranteed calorie burner and weight loss enhancer.

Exercisers are encouraged to maintain short rest periods between the rounds of kicks and jabs.

9. Running

effective weight loss and fat burning exercises to lose weight sing business mag

A steady running pace means that extra calories will continue to burn during the day. This is definitely inspirational for anyone who has been thinking about getting on the treadmill.

Faster running and short sprints can help to burn more calories both during and after the workout.

The Significance Of Regular Physical Activity

Everyone knows that exercise is crucial for general health. For someone who is trying to lose weight, working out becomes even more important.

The best way to start is with the most ideal exercises for weight loss and fat burning (burpees, lunges, squats, etc.)

These types of exercises typically burn calories, rev up the metabolism and target several muscles.

While some may feel the exercise is hard or require a considerable amount of effort, it is always a good idea to remember that every rep and motion gets people closer to their weight goal.

Exercise is necessary for not only losing weight, but also for maintaining weight loss on a long-term basis. It keeps people healthy, happy and fit.

Dealing With Abdominal Fat

Abdominal Fat


Exercise provides a relatively simple way to lose weight and keep it off.

Various levels of intense aerobic exercise have a major effect on the reduction of abdominal fat, which is the hazardous fat that increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Exercise is an effective weight management system because it reduces the levels of the hormone cortisol that is associated with abdominal fat.

Controlling Calories

People need to burn more calories than they consume if they want to lose weight.

Exercising regularly gets rid of the excess calories that would be stored as fat. Additionally, calories continue to burn after the workout.

Maintaining Weight Loss

Most people who lose weight successfully and can keep it off, usually engage in physical activities daily.

Doctors recommend exercise to individuals who undergo weight-loss surgery for them to maintain their new lean physiques.

Boosting Metabolism

Dieting without exercise can lead to weight loss, but it can also lead to loss of muscle.

This means that fewer calories will be burnt. More muscle is linked to a higher metabolism and burning more calories.

Regulating Moods

effective weight loss and fat burning exercises to lose weight sing business mag

Working out regulates people’s moods and this has a direct impact on individuals who eat when they are angry or stressed. This helps to prevent emotional eating and subsequent weight gain.

Trimming Inches

When gaining muscle and shedding fat, a person might drop sizes and lose inches but not lose pounds.

Exercise is a good way to get rid of inches and become leaner.

Healthy Lifestyle

When a person adopts healthy habits such as exercising more often, they are more likely to work towards improving other areas of their life such as healthy eating.

Controlling Appetite

The combination of dieting and exercising curbs hunger in comparison to dieting alone. Exercising and dieting also help to boost self-restraint and instill discipline.

Increasing Energy

Exercising on a regular basis boosts the body’s energy and increases stamina. This motivates people more and gets them moving to lose more weight.