10 Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Be Aware Of In 2019

10 Instagram Marketing Tips

Talk about the most used social media applications and Instagram will most definitely be on the list.

Since its inception, Instagram has been predominantly a photo-sharing platform. Instagram has more than 800 million active users a month with over 60 million photos posted daily. Every day, users give about 1.6 billion likes.

The platform has a huge number of influencers in different niches, and each of them has a massive following. With the right plan, your brand can become influential on Instagram as well.

To remain relevant to your current followers and attract new ones, you should post the right content. However, it’s not easy to know which types of posts work effectively for growing your fans.

Getting The Best Out Of Instagram

1. Switch To A Business Account

Before you delve deep into your marketing plan, switch to the Instagram business account. To get started, access your personal account then head to settings and click “switch to a business profile.”

Having a business account has some perks, including:

  • It allows followers to click on the contact button and reach you from your page on Instagram the same way they would reach you from your website.
  • You can create and publish your Instagram ads without using the advertising tools for Facebook.
  • You can access tools for Instagram analytics, known as Insights, which provide stats on your posts’ reach and impressions.

After unlocking the benefits associated with a business account, it’s time to start using them to understand your audience and track metrics.

2. Use Free Tools On Instagram

Instagram’s business profiles aren’t very different from those on Facebook. Through insights, you can see stats such as engagement data, impressions and much more.

It’s even possible to access your followers’ demographic details, including their age, location, gender and active hours. These free tools are powerful because they can help you understand how users interact with your content.

3. Post Product Teasers

10 Instagram Marketing Tips Sing Business Mag

Product teasers usually attract a lot of attention on Instagram. This is a great platform to advertise your products, and if you do it right, you won’t scare or annoy users with ads.

If you come off as pushy, followers will drop fast. Product teasers are an easy way to mention your products and elicit interest among your audience without trying too hard.

When you tease your followers about a product they have an interest in, and you don’t sound pushy, they’ll mostly pull the trigger and purchase something. And if they can’t buy it, they’ll like the post, drop comments and share.

4. Create Sponsored Ads

There are many ads on Instagram, and you can set a budget to help control how much you’d like to spend on them. Using the carousel feature, you can display one or multiple ads.

Before sponsored ads, your ads could only reach those who follow you, but now, it’s possible to promote photos and updates to all people who fit your target audience.

Use engaging content to create sponsored ads, and you can turn your top posts into sponsored ads.

5. Instagram Stories

10 Instagram Marketing Tips Sing Business Mag

If you’re looking for leads, use Instagram stories, which come in the slideshow format. Stories are live for only 24 hours, but you can save them to your devices and reuse them later. Stories appear above the newsfeed.

6. Work With Influencers

Influencers have followers who trust them and can buy any service or product they see in their influencer’s feed. By partnering with the right influencer in your industry, you can make your brand reach many users.

Focus on building a relationship with influencers, and you’ll see both short-term and long-term benefits. To select the right influencer, consider how big their audience is, the demographics they target and their activity on Instagram.

7. Collect user-submitted photos

10 Instagram Marketing Tips Sing Business Mag

User-generated content is authentic and spontaneous, so your audience will enjoy it. To get started on this, let your audience know you may pick their photos to regram, and when you do that, you’ll post in the feed and tag them.

When choosing photos, ensure the picture fits within the image of your brand, the person whose photo you’d like to share has a larger following, and your current audience finds the photo appropriate.

8. Create An Interactive Hashtag For Your Brand

10 Instagram Marketing Tips Sing Business Mag

If you’re looking for instant engagement, you should use interactive hashtags. Red Bull has garnered about 349,457 posts with the hashtag #itgivesyouwings. Using the tag, customers can then post user-generated content. This lets you search through images you may want to repost later.

Creating the hashtag, which your brand and other users may search for, is free advertising. Each time, a user posts a photo with the hashtag, they’re exposing your brand to their followers.

9. Post When Your Users Are Active (And Don’t Over-Post)

If you over-post on Instagram, you’re going to lose existing followers. However, you want to post consistently and stay in their feed. According to research by Sprout Social, the best days to post on Instagram are Mondays and Thursdays, while Sundays and Wednesdays are the worst days.

However, this also depends on when your followers are most active. It pays to share your content while your followers are active on the medium.

10. Track The Right Metrics

10 Instagram Marketing Tips Sing Business Mag

Unless you know about the performance of your posts and page, you won’t optimize or improve your performance on Instagram.

You should start by tracking a metric known as follower track rate rather than the number of your followers, which is a vanity metric. When you monitor your followers’ growth rate, you’ll see how the content you post affects things.

Next, you should estimate engagement rates through comments and likes, and lastly, measure the number of users clicking through the URL. Instagram’s average CTR is 0.94 percent.