Looking For A Studio Apartment? Here’s 7 Places To Rent Or Buy A Studio Apartment In Singapore 2019

Where To Rent Studio Apartment In Singapore Sing Business Mag

A time will come for you to consider getting out of your parents’ home to having your own place. Though this is not common in Singapore, the proportion of one-person resident households has doubled from 4.6% to 9.2% in 2012. Thoughts of freedom and independence will come into your mind, and you’ll start obsessing over design and decoration ideas. Moving out may mean that you stay alone, with your partner or with your friends. 

However, most Singaporeans, and particularly millennials, face a common problem when moving out – low budget. Singapore has expensive housing and properties, and without sufficient savings, finding a home can be tricky. There’s the option of buying or renting a full apartment with several rooms but this might take a toll on your budget.

Where To Rent Studio Apartment In Singapore Sing Business Mag

Most people would opt for renting a room or an apartment belonging to someone else. The idea is that you still get to have your own space while paying a lower rental fee. However, living with a stranger has its shortcomings not to mention rules you’ll need to follow. For example, some landlords prohibit cooking or bringing pets to the apartment.

With all these problems, it might defeat the purpose of moving out. The whole point is to have your own space. Then comes about the idea of studio apartments, which have been gaining popularity in recent years. 

What Are Studio Apartments?

Where To Rent Studio Apartment In Singapore Sing Business Mag

A studio apartment is a small house that combines a living room, bedroom, and kitchen into one room. It has a bathroom too. It offers a lot of privacy and might even feel like a hotel room.

Who Are Studio Apartments Best For?

Where To Rent Studio Apartment In Singapore Sing Business Mag

Studio apartments are good homes for people who want to live alone, for couples or for two or three good friends who want to live together. The space in these apartments are best for a single person looking for personal space but are still spacious enough for friends or couples who would like to co-share space and save on the cost of accommodation.

Why Are Studio Apartments Getting More Popular?

Although Singapore is small, she has a lot of beautiful apartments and houses. Condos, HDBs and landed properties. So, why are more people choosing studio apartments? What makes them different and should you consider them as well?

Less Cleaning

Since studio apartments aren’t that big, consisting of a bedroom, living room, a small kitchen and a bathroom. The small space makes it easy to clean and maintain, and this saves the occupant time and effort. We all know big houses with many rooms can take a lot of time and drain your energy during cleaning.

Less Junk

A studio apartment doesn’t have plenty of space, and so, you’ll eventually need to get rid of stuff you no longer need. You might have heard of the phrase “less is more”, and with the popularity of minimalism or organizing consultant Marie Kondo, everyone wants less clutter. Less clutter and reduced mess have been known to benefit one’s health – the atmosphere can improve your mood and make you more productive.

Affordable Rent

Most people find studio apartments attractive because of the pricing. A smaller space means a lower rental fee, making these houses affordable. Besides, in terms of furnishing, the cost of furniture isn’t much.

One thing to note is that the rental fee for a studio apartment might still be higher than a one room rental. However, it’s a give and take for more privacy as you don’t have to share the house with strangers.

Cheaper Utility

In your small apartment, you’ll definitely use lesser electricity and water. High monthly bills won’t bother you again. Cheaper utilities make these apartments suitable for people on a limited budget. It’s also worth noting that some studio apartments have the utility bill included in rent.

How Much Do Studio Apartments In Singapore Cost Generally?

Where To Rent Studio Apartment In Singapore Sing Business Mag

The cost of renting a studio apartment varies according to various factors such as the location, whether it’s furnished and the type of amenities inside. Generally, the rental cost may range from $1,300 to over $4,000. The cost of buying a studio apartment ranges from $200,000 to $4.6 million.

Some Things To Keep In Mind When Getting A Studio Apartment In Singapore

  • Work with an agent – Property agents know how to negotiate with landlords and can save you a lot of time and effort. Working with experienced people may mean that you can get better deals and property in better areas.
  • Use phone apps – Some housing portals like 99.co have phone applications to simplify the process of hunting for a rental house.
  • Check the surroundings – To ensure a comfortable living, check the neighborhood for activities and ensure you like them. Some areas like Jurong tend to be more crowded than areas such as Kembangan.
  • Take photos – When viewing different apartments, take lots of photos. You’ll need them when narrowing down your choices.
  • Loans – Some landlords may require that you pay rent for a couple of months and it’s not wise to spend the entire money on rent. Consider a loan to make things lighter for you.

Now The Main Point, Where Can You Find Studio Apartments In Singapore?

This is the most important section of this article. Here are some of the websites to check out:

1. PropertyGuru

The website has an extensive list of commercial and residential houses. They also have quality resources to educate their readers to make informed decisions.

2. RentInSingapore

They offer fair rates with a friendly user interface, making it easy to browse through various houses. They update their listings in real time and have friendly customer support.

3. 99.co

The website has been attracting lots of listings and currently lists more than 140,000 authentic properties. They have an interactive app that lets you search for property from your phone.

4. iProperty

They list condo and apartment rentals and offers something different by publishing updated information of Singapore’s real estate scene.

5. STProperty

The website covers extensive property options and has a detailed database of useful articles and guides for users.

6. Singapore Real Estate Exchange

They use technology to make the real estate industry more engaging. Renters can view a home using a 360 virtual tour before visiting it.

7. TheEdgeProperty

It’s a one-stop platform for rental searches, data, news, and analytics. They provide real-time news in the real estate industry.