8 Ways To Incentivise Employees To Increase Sales And Profits 

tips to motivate employees sing business mag

You’ve gone through the arduous process of finding a stellar group of people to be on your team. The next step would be to ensure that they are in it for the long run.

Motivated employees are a huge asset to the company as they will in turn boost the productivity and competitive advantage of an organisation.

When they are motivated, employees become highly engaged and more innovative, customer-focused, creative and better problem solvers.

Enterprises with highly motivated personnel are more profitable, with high levels of employee retention as well as customer satisfaction.

Employee motivation allows the management to meet the goals of the company and achieve high output levels.

With the many benefits that come with employee motivation, here’s how management can keep their employees motivated:

1. Create A Happy Working Environment

tips to motivate employees sing business mag

A positive working atmosphere full of fun will make employees thrive and feel stimulated.

Office perks can create a positive working place. The working space, if it is well-lit and aesthetically pleasing, can erase any gloom and instead offer pleasant moods for working. The working equipment should also be updated and clean.

Sometimes it takes providing free drinks and food to employees or installing a television in a waiting area to keep employees energised. At other times it just needs putting up whiteboards and calendars where employees can track their events and progress.

2. Become A Hands-On Leader That Employees Look Up To

Employees get motivated when their leader is hands-on, welcoming and interested.

A hands-on boss should have an open door policy that encourages communication. Employees will be free to discuss their concerns and problems with their leader. Creating a rapport with all employees makes them feel more motivated to work.

Listening to the goals and ideas that employees have and showing them that the boss is approachable will highly motivate them.

3. Pave The Way For Their Growth

Talented workers will always aspire to advance.

Allowing them new opportunities to progress and more responsibilities will make them feel obligated to the company.

They’ll feel respected and trusted and gain more motivation. It shows that you value their skills.

If the organisation is expanding, it is best to pick some of the best employees to take up different roles and shift their thinking.

Giving employees time to take training courses for skill development is another way of demonstrating care and enhancing motivation.

4. Employee Incentives

tips to motivate employees sing business mag

Rewarding employees when they deserve it will keep them going.

An incentive program can range from bonuses, medical benefits, staff parties, gift cards, monthly dinners or lunches, gym memberships, and team building retreats, among others.

When workers know they’ll get a reward for excellence, they’ll do a better job always.

Sometimes it only requires the management or executive to recognise each department or members of teams who have been outstanding in their work before beginning a meeting.

Positive feedback from the management can impact positively and increase the determination of an employee.

5. Transparency

Sharing insights with employees on the progress of the business makes them more invested. They get the chance to ask questions, give feedback and share suggestions.

When they feel included in grand decisions, they show commitment to any direction the business takes. This increases their loyalty and pride and sustains their motivation.

It is imperative that employees understand the big picture and evaluate their contribution to business growth. Doing this will motivate them to add more effort for a definite end goal.

Giving them projects and tasks to handle will help them understand how they fit in, and those talented will deliver beyond expectation.

6. Provide Work-Life Balance

A progressive leader attracts top talent by offering scheduling options to employees.

Employees always desire a boss who cares about their work-life balance genuinely — a leader who understands that they also have a life.

Letting them take a slightly longer lunch break on a Friday or excusing them from work for a few hours for a small personal emergency will make them know that the boss really cares.

Once they know that their work-life balance is valued, they will work even harder. A leader can also support work-life balance by letting employees work from home or understanding that they may not reply after working hours.

Prioritizing work-life balances increases office happiness and overall productivity of the company.

7. Team Building Activities And Parties

tips to motivate employees sing business mag

Making employees happy isn’t just about increasing their salaries and offering financial perks.

Adhering to company cultures of growth and trust and socials such as organising retreats and parties for employees to unwind after work gives them the right balance.

Let employees have events that they’ll always look forward to such as seasonal parties and outdoor retreats.

8. Make Them Leaders

Showing employees that they are valuable and can make a difference to the organisation is a form of affirmation.

Whenever there’s a meeting, small or large, allow different team members to lead discussions on the various topics on the agenda. In this way, their opinions will be heard, and they will feel motivated to implement their ideas afterward.

Actively engaging employees in discussions and important decision-making processes of the company shows them that their opinions and ideas count.

During the meetings, their collaboration will make them feel connected to their colleagues and work, and they will bond and work together for the good of the company.

For a leader to grow the business, they should start with employees. It honestly isn’t that hard. Motivation is a move that can never be overvalued. It should be a priority that will see employees showing more interest in working for the organisation.