20 Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

Daiso is a very popular store among Singaporeans. Everything is sold at low affordable prices. However, the affordability of the products does not compromise on their quality in any way. Shoppers can rest assured that their budgets will be intact as they shop for an array of high quality and cost-effective items.

The store continues to dazzle shoppers with its wide range of products and several thousands of items available for sale. From ponchos that are insulated to help people get through winter and egg timers to ensure that each egg is perfectly boiled, to liners that keep shoe racks fresh, the options for practical and unique items at Daiso are virtually limitless.

There Is Something For Everyone

Daiso has established a reputation for having everything that people could need, ranging from home appliances to party and travel tools. It is a shopper’s paradise, especially for budget-conscious individuals who are seeking to save money while purchasing useful items for a variety needs.

Along with stocking practical things, there are also a number of quirky products that are guaranteed to turn some heads. At Daiso, there is always something unconventional on the shelf that can serve as an interesting addition to your shopping list.

Variety Of Useful Products

The following products from the popular shop certainly meet the criteria for being useful, unique and offering value for money.

1. Egg timer

Many people find it challenging to cook a perfectly soft or hard-boiled egg. Since most individuals lack the skills of professional chefs, an egg timer is a great resource for ensuring that the desired effect is achieved in the kitchen. Timers work by indicating how hard the boiled egg is when an egg is being boiled.

The functionality of an egg timer is comparable to a thermometer that provides a range of stages from soft to hard. The egg timer is placed inside the water along with the eggs during boiling and the color changes accordingly to determine the boiling stage that has been reached.

2. Beverages and snacks

Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

Tasty snacks and treats are popular options among Daiso shoppers. For individuals who want to indulge in something sweet, options include caramel corn that offers the perfect balance of crunchiness and sweetness. These are some of the great snacks that can be enjoyed at home or carried along while traveling. There is also a wide range of affordable groceries.

3. Makeup applicators

Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

Any beauty guru will attest to the fact that applying makeup requires the right tools. When applying foundation, for example, the right sponge is preferable to using bare hands that can make it difficult to apply the product evenly and effectively. Affordable makeup sponges are available at Daiso, including puffs and wedges that are easy to use.

4. Baskets and containers

There is an extensive range of multi-purpose containers to cater to different needs. These are available in various sizes and shapes. People are at liberty to determine what they want to use their containers for. Baskets are also available for storing books, footwear, clothing and much more.

5. Lint removers

Lint can ruin the appearance of a great outfit. Fortunately, Daiso is always full of pleasant surprises that include lint removers that can be used to effectively remove lint and freshen up items to make them look good as new. Aside from clothing, lint removers are also ideal for carpets, sofas and more.

6. Travel bottles

Traveling is fun but it can be a miserable experience when people do not pack some essential items. Daiso provides several items that can make it easier to pack for a trip. One of the most essential travel accessories that a traveler can have is a bottle that can be used in different ways. Options include bottles that can be used to store cosmetic creams, dispensers, spray bottles and squeeze bottles.

7. Mold remover

Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

Mold remover provides an effective way to clean places that are hard to reach, including the toilet and bathroom that are vulnerable to the development of mold and mildew. Mold removers are conveniently stored in spray bottles that make it easier to reach inaccessible areas and clean thoroughly.

8. Hand cream

Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

Good quality cosmetics are available at Daiso. Hand creams are essential for daily use to keep the hands moisturized and soft all day long. For daily skin care supplies, hand creams from Daiso are a worthwhile and affordable addition to a skin care enthusiast’s collection.

9. Socks

Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

It is common for people to lose multiple pairs of socks whenever they travel. However, no one wants to spend a fortune on socks that may end up missing after a few days. Thanks to Daiso, people can always ensure that they have an abundant supply of socks that are cheap and comfortable.

10. Extra storage for luggage

After an international shopping spree, it may be impossible to fit everything into luggage and space becomes a major issue. Rather than buying more suitcases and costly bags for luggage, Daiso provides an affordable solution through seal bags. These reusable bags are great for extra storage in luggage.

11. USB cables

Everyone needs USB cables as they have become an integral part of people’s lives. Having an extra cable is essential for being prepared while on the move. Affordable USB cables provide the assurance that in case a cable is damaged or gets lost during a trip, there will be another on board.

12. Phone accessories

Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

Phone accessories such as cases can easily be lost and having an extra one is essential for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Other accessories include selfie sticks, tripods and stands to make it easier to capture memorable moments when traveling alone or in groups.

13. Diary

Diaries are among the popular stationary items that are stocked at Daiso. Other options include stickers, pens, pencils and notebooks. A diary is a valuable and helpful resource that can be used for organising and planning. Waterproof writing pads are designed to withstand the damaging effects of exposure to water.

14. Massagers

Massaging the face is a good way to keep the skin healthy and vibrant while battling the hectic schedule of daily life. Tools are available for this purpose to boost blood circulation in the skin. A specially designed massager can be used on the face as often as recommended for the best results.

15. Toilet paper holders

One of the interesting things that can be purchased at Daiso is a fancy holder for toilet paper. These are not only fun and aesthetically pleasing, but practical as well.

16. Art supplies

Useful Products You Can Buy from Daiso in Singapore

From scrapbooks to beads, there is something for everyone who wants to express themselves creatively. Daiso is an alternative to some of the pricier craft stores at brick and mortar establishments.

17. Static remover

A static remover may not be the first thing that someone thinks of while packing for a trip but this nifty device can be quite useful when visiting places that experience extreme temperatures. They typically consist of a rubber band that fights off the effects of static that can occur on holiday due to very high or low temperatures.

18. Kitchen appliances

Daiso has an abundance of creative tools for cooking with items that are designed for specific tasks. The vast selection of kitchen items is unique and people are unlikely to find similar things at their regular kitchenware stores. From steel sponges that can be used to exfoliate and peel vegetables to microwave cookers that can be used for a single serving of pasta, there are numerous appliances that are worth investing in.

19. Slippers

Lightweight and compact slippers are convenient for travelers who do not want the hassle of removing their shoes each time they want to go the restroom. They make it easier to walk around the plane comfortably and allow the feet to breathe. The slippers can be folded and take up a minimal amount of space in bags.

20. Travel pillows

A travel pillow makes a long flight much more bearable with a comfortable headrest. Inflatable pillows can be easily stored away and are the ideal choice for people who do not want to keep bulky luggage at bay. Non-inflatable pillows are also available to prevent straining the neck and help you have a restful flight.

Daiso is the ideal shopping spot for individuals who value practicality and convenience. Shopping at the store makes it possible for budget-conscious people to get everything they need at affordable prices and save more. For travelers, spending less when shopping for items for a trip enables them to set aside more money that they can use during the trip to spend on things such as memorabilia and food.

Exchange policy

The exchange policy at Daiso caters to exchanging products as long as the official receipt is available. However, there are no refunds for items sold. Items can only be exchanged if they are in good condition and in their original packaging. Items that cannot be exchanged include socks, undergarments, food and pet supplies.

Quality and value for money

Although the prices at Daiso are comparatively low, the quality of the items remains high. There is a wide range of products to choose from, which can leave shoppers quite overwhelmed. It is always a good idea to prepare a shopping list that will make the purchasing the process easier. However, it is important to note that shopping around Daiso always involves people discovering useful items that they may have not known about or thought of before.


For a couple of dollars, people can access a wide range of items, including quirky knickknacks they did not know they needed, stationery, beauty products, authentic beverages and snacks, kitchenware and toiletries.

Daiso has been described as a magical paradise that compels people to grab everything that they can due to abundant choices, affordability and the value that the products can add to people’s lives. There are different things that can be bought at Daiso and online resources are available for people who need suggestions or recommendations for popular items and top sellers.