Top 8 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore (2019 Update)

Top 8 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore Sing Business Mag

Advertising is the lifeblood of any business, whether online or brick-and-mortar business. The purpose of any business is to maximize profits and this can’t happen without customers buying the company’s products or services.

Established companies pump a lot of money into marketing so they can reach out to new customers nearly daily. However, start-ups and small businesses may not have the budget to set up a TV commercial or display their offers on a whole page of the local, national newspaper.

While such traditional forms of advertising work well, the marketing landscape is changing and most companies in Singapore can now expose their businesses to thousands of potential customers without breaking the bank.

So, if you are a small business owner, there are ways to get free advertising so that you don’t have to worry about the huge expenses need to get your product to your audience.

Here’s the top 8 tried and tested ways to advertise your business to the world at little to no cost:

1. Press release

If you think that being featured in the media is difficult, think again. Most news outlets need content to be shared with this information-hungry world. With such a gap to fill, it’s possible to get a little blurb about your company provided you follow some guidelines.

To achieve this, write a press release and ensure it is search engine friendly. Most importantly, ensure your press release is newsworthy. You may be wondering how your home business can become newsworthy. Well, did you receive any certification or award, hired a new member of staff or launched a new product? Any of these can be newsworthy.

2. Write useful articles

Top 8 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore Sing Business Mag

Articles can position you as an expert in your niche and help you showcase your expertise to help potential clients. One way to use articles to get new leads is to reach out to similar websites in your industry and offer to publish an article on their website free. Write valuable content that captures their voice and style and they’ll most likely like it. You’ll be allowed to add a byline and link back to your website, making it possible for clients to contact or buy from you.

3. Make videos

Top 8 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore Sing Business Mag

Record a video detailing your business story, and explain why your products or services stand out from your competition. This will help build the credibility of your brand. You can visit freelancing platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork to find a video creation expert. Upload the video on YouTube and create a page on your site dedicated to these videos so people can watch them. Be sure to respond to feedback from your audience.

4. Volunteering

Top 8 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore Sing Business Mag

This works the same way companies offer free samples or free trials in the hope that customers will like the product and buy. Volunteering applies to the service business and requires you to volunteer and do something you’re passionate about.

Be careful not to opt into volunteering with the intention of networking or promoting your business as it may not work. Don’t let the first thing you say be about your product. Diligently volunteer your services and this may expose you to persons interested in using your service or products, and are already impressed by your work ethics. If you are unsure of what to say, simply listen. You’d be surprised how far you’ll go with just listening.

5. Partnerships

Top 8 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore Sing Business Mag

At first, partnerships may look like difficult ways to advertise your business but once in place and with all expectations in place, they can be a powerful advertising strategy. You can partner with one of your competitors or a business that offers services or products that complement yours. For example, a web designer and a copywriter may agree that if a customer needs a service offered by both of them, they can come together to offer the best services for the project.

6. Source letters

Many people overlook source letters as a free advertising method. Well, a source letter is the use of a letter or email to reach out to a media person to let them know you can be their source for any future articles. As mentioned earlier, we live in a world where people are addicted to new information.

As a ready source to reporters, you can benefit from free advertising for your products or services as they’ll credit all the information to you after you’ve answered a few questions.

7. Business cards

Typically, people have business cards but they don’t use them as advertising tools. To be effective, use the card’s front for contact details and its back to offer something valuable to potential clients. Besides, use a legible font size and type on the card.

8. Free classified ads websites

Top 8 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore Sing Business Mag

Classified ads websites bring together sellers and buyers who may have something for each other. For example, if you have some used textbooks or electronics that you no longer need and think they can benefit someone else, you can post their details on a free classified ads site. In Singapore, you can post your offers on any of these classified websites:

  • Gumtree Singapore
  • Craigslist Singapore
  • STSClassifieds
  • Locanto Singapore
  • Singapore Expats Classifieds